All prices in USD.

Partnership Plan I

This is a win-win commission based partnership* where we will become part of your marketing team. We will provide strategic marketing advice and drive the marketing campaign for you and leverage our fast growing sales channels to grow the worldwide market.

*The commission and out of pocket expenses are negotiated on a case by case basis. There is a low monthly service fee.

Full Partnership

We take over your worldwide marketing and sales and become fully integrated with your company. Due to significant resource requirement, we only work with a few select clients.

Task Base Plan

We quote each marketing assignment base on your specific requirements. Typical services are:

  • Website design/makeover focusing on branding and messaging. Cost $1000 and up.
  • Corporate communication, press release, newsletter. Cost $200 and up.
  • Brochure, sales sheet and other marketing collateral design. Cost $200 and up.


Reseller Marketplace Hosting & Distribution

Qualified clients with products to sell can take advantage of our free listing and marketing service on We will actively promote your brand and products to worldwide resellers, free of charge. We collect a small commission on each transaction.

MAAS Social Media Plan

Setup and monthly fee

  1. In-depth review of brand identity, target customers, marketing messages and products.
  2. We will work with you to create your marketing material (sales sheet, brochure)
  3. Setup Facebook company page.
  4. Create Facebook posts.
  5. Response to customer messages
  6. Conduct a marketing campaign per month, such as:
    • Increase # of Facebook Likes and Fans
    • Create brand awareness
    • Increase sales of your products
  7. From time to time, we can conduct marketing campaign in other social media platform such as LinkedIn to reach out to your target customers.
  8. For additional monthly fee, we can act as your sales and marketing representative.

China Marketing

Many western SMEs rely on importers to sell their products in China but often ignore basic marketing to connect with their customers and protect their brands. We help SMEs to take back brand ownership and customer relationship from importers.

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Manufacturer Web Development & Hosting

We understand the requirement of a manufacturer and to complement our MaaS plan, we offer a low cost but feature rich Manufacturer Edition Web Hosting.

Basic Features

  • Parts and product specific request can be added to each line item during Checkout for Purchase Order (PO) submission.
  • Workflow for PO processing
  • Integrated Help Desk for Resellers and Consumers.
  • SEO and social media integration.
  • Direct marketing and mailing list integration.
  • Digital download.
  • Membership management for users and resellers.
  • Warranty purchase

Add-On Features

  • Resellers (distributor, dealer, online retailer, and any other type of classifications) with different levels of pricing based on volume and role.
  • Product and/or Category specific pricing (can be combined with Reseller pricing for any combination of dynamic pricing.
  • SEO tuning

Extra monthly charges for Add-On Features.

A completely new website design with setup fees ranging from $1000 to $3000

Hosting fee starts at $49/month and up, depending on traffic, features and operations requirement (such as 1st line of help desk tech support).  As a full service hosting we perform regular SEO tuning on your site, maintain security, WordPress plugins update and daily backup.